Cenlight Consulant was established on Jannuary 2010. We specialize in providing corporation supporting Consultation services and conducting administration services on be haft of our customers.

Our strengths:

  • Have experience years in consulting and conducting service.
  • Have good relationships  on with related parties.
  • Have staffs specialized in law, particularly economic law.
  • We Eternally attempt to bring the best result for our customers.

Several replies from our customers:

“ Cenlight’s staff are quite carefull, enthusiastic and cute”

“Your service is so fast. Thank you!”

“I will introduce some custumers for Cenlight!”

“I introduced Mr….. for Cenlight. Did he contact to you?” And so on.

We have been received many such words from our customers. We always appreciate their those sweet words and attempt to give our customers with the best support.

OUR  EngageMENT :

Cenlight wishes to bring benefits and satisfaction for our customers while they are using our service. Every member of Cenlight pledges:

  1. Working with friendly, carefull, enthusiastic  attitude.
  2. Consulting the best solution for our customers
  3. Keeping our customer information safe.
  4. Keeping our promises and having a faithful attitude.
  5. Conducting services in a fast and productive way.

If you have any recommendation. Please send it to our email: info@cenlight.com.vn.


With our experience and major knowledge, we are:

Providing the best solution for you.

Conducting service in the fastest way.

Or simply answering your questions with free!